Cupping Therapy – by Kelly Brown Bsc, N.D.


I have been watching the Olympics and have been very excited to see a lot of the athletes have been getting cupping therapy!  Have you notice athletes with circular purple marks on their bodies?  This is due to a treatment called cupping!

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“Cupping is a technique whereby a vacuum is created in a cup, drawing the skin up into the cup and separating the layers of skin, muscle and fascia. The suction draws the blood to the level of the skin, creating a vacuum below the skin, mechanically separating the tissue layers which destroys old blood vessels and creates new ones. Client will most likely be left with a mark from the cupping that will look like a bruise but it isn’t. No breaks in the skin are created and it is a perfectly safe and sterile procedure.  Blood is drawn between the skin layers and can last for up to two weeks. When the cup is left on the skin for a few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place.”

Cupping is relaxing and doesn’t hurt when preformed.  It originated in China and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“The suction and negative pressure of the cups rapidly provides rigid soft tissue release by loosening and lifting connective tissue. This release of tissue breaks up and drains stagnant tissue fluid while increasing blood flow and lymph flow to the skin and muscles. The pulling action of the cups also engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows for deep relaxation of the mind and body.” , Milan, Kelly, Oct. 14th, 2013

I am very excited to be offering cupping as part of my practice starting in September 2016!  If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me.

Kelly Brown, B.Sc., N.D. is currently practicing at Birch Wellness Center at 34 Carlton Street.
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