Birch Wellness Professional

Dr. Brenda Lee, 
Clinical Associate

Dr. Brenda Lee is a Birch Wellness Center professional and clinical associate working under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Laforce. She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of New Brunswick. Her practice focuses on psychotherapy and assessment with adults.

Contact Information:

Name: Benda Lee
Phone: 204-505-0325 ext. 104
Fax: 204-505-0327

Profile Information

Dr. Lee has a strong background in working with clients with interpersonal, self-identity, mood, anxiety, and traumatic difficulties. Her approach emphasizes identifying, clarifying, and troubleshooting areas that are not working in clients’ lives. She draws upon Cognitive-Behavioural, Acceptance and Commitment, Mindfulness-Based, and Solution-Focused approaches in her therapy work, and tailors her approach collaboratively in the way that best serves her clients.

Type of Services

Service types that Dr. Lee specializes in:

  •  Interpersonal Difficulties
  •  Self Identity
  •  Mood & anxiety
  •  Trauma
  •  Cognitive Behaviour
  •  Acceptance & Commitment
  •  Mindfulness (Solution-Focused)

Balance, Health, and Well-Being

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