Birch Wellness Professional

Maureen Brouwer

Maureen Brouwer is a Birch Wellness Center Professional,
a physiotherapist with many years of experience in Acute,
Rehabilitation and Chronic care, who provides one on one
holistic physiotherapy services to people affected by injury or illness.

Type of Service

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Self-Compassion /Stress Management
  • Fall Prevention
  • Benefits of Exercise for Physical and Mental Health

Therapist Notes:

Physiotherapy includes the use of modalities and manual therapy, as well as home exercise prescription and education on what you can do at home to help yourself.

Treatment is covered by many insurance plans
I also accept cash or cheques.

Contact Information:

Name: Maureen Brouwer
204-505-0325 ext. 201

Profile Information

Maureen is known for her compassionate respect for the client and her ability to inspire hope in the recovery process. Regaining a maximal
level of function and quality of life is her goal for each person.

Maureen provides physiotherapy to persons at the Birch or in their own homes/places of residence.

In addition, Maureen is an experienced adult educator. At present, she teaches workshops in Motivational Interviewing, Self-Compassion.
and Stress Management together with a fellow Birch Professional – Occupational Therapist Jean McGinn.

“ I enjoy working with individuals to help them regain hope and  the confidence that pain can be overcome, and movement and function restored so that they can have the best quality of life. I believe that compassion is based on respect – working together is the key – the client is a partner in care.”

“ I also believe in supporting caregivers, when the client is dependent on them for care”

Acute Injuries/Accidents  – sprains, strains, fractures.

Chronic Conditions:
Neck pain, back pain – Does your neck/backache after sitting all day at your computer?  Learn what you can do to  prevent this and /or alleviate the pain that you are having now.

Diabetes – amputations, weakness, loss of mobility – regain function.

Arthritis – learn how to protect your joints and manage flare-ups.

Rehabilitation Following Surgery – joint replacement.

Recovery following hospitalization for medical conditions Assistance with navigating available health care resources.

Seniors Care – at home, in Personal Care Homes, Assisted Living.

Home Assessment for Fall Prevention

Caregiver Support and Education – how to reduce the risk of injury to self while caring for someone; self- care ; assistance in navigating the health care system and accessing  available resources.

Prevention/Early Intervention – history of Osteoporosis and want to know what you can do to prevent future fracture?

Neurological Conditions – recovery post Stroke, Parkinson’s disease.

Transfer Training

Stress Reduction

Self-Management Skills – what you can do.

PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program) Fall Prevention

Additional Info.

Please call me to discuss your needs and how I can be of help to you.

Balance, Health, and Well-Being

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