Feel well today

The Birch Wellness Center is a professional center comprised of a comprehensive team
of highly respected independent private practitioners with extensive expertise in clinical psychology,
counselling and psychotherapy, clinical social work, psychiatry, nutrition, motivational interviewing, occupational therapy,
physiotherapy, marriage and family therapy, play therapy, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapy.

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    About Us

    The professionals at Birch Wellness
    are committed to providing
    excellence in psychological
    and mental health care.

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    The Birch Wellness Center has a
    variety of professional services.
    To learn more information about
    our services click below.

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    The Birch Wellness Center is
    all about synergy – in other words,
    we believe that a collaborative, cohesive
    and complementary group.

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    Birch Wellness Center - A list
    of our professionals and their
    skills & expertise, to learn more
    information click below.

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