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Natasha Smikles Introduction

As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of mental health programs including: acute psychiatry and long term behavioural treatment in-patient programs, psychiatric emergency room nursing, crisis services in a community setting as well as working as a community mental health worker.

A Unique Heritage Home

Birchwellness Center Video Tour

Take a video tour through the Birch Wellness Center. This beautiful video slide show was created and produced by Glen Brouwer.

The Morning Show
with guest Amanda Nash

In healthy adults, a small amount of caffeine may have positive effects. However, in some people large amounts can causes headaches, irritability, abnormal heart rhythms, and raise blood pressure. Energy Drinks are a high source of both caffeine and added sugar. For good health, try and limited added sugar to 6-12tsp/day. Birch Wellness Centre’s Amanda Nash was on CTV talking about Energy Drinks.

Interview with Louise Blanchard

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An Interview with Dr. Robert Twigg

One of the professionals at the Birch Wellness Center Dr. Robert Twigg is interviewed by Global News. The focus of the interview – Emotional trauma of motor vehicle accidents a leading cause of PTSD.

Dr. Robert Twigg

Remarkable Recovery

A remarkable recovery of a WInnipeg boy defies all expectations with a remarkable recovery.

Dr. Robert Twigg

With Susan Watson (Dietitian)

For more information about Susan Watson, click the button below.

Susan Watson, BHNSc

Sandra Bains and Amanda Nash

What does a Dietitian do in Manitoba?

Amanda Nash, RD

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