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Welcome to Birch Wellness Center News

Birch Wellness Center is now Open!

Welcome to the Birch Wellness Center! We are a professional center comprised of a comprehensive team of highly respected individuals with extensive expertise in clinical psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, clinical social work, psychiatry, nutrition, motivational interviewing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, play therapy, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapy.

The dynamic and committed group at the Birch Wellness Center includes professionals with decades of experience in their chosen fields. Along with their primary practices at the Birch Wellness Center, many are active in the community, applying their expertise to research and education at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, as well as to various professional committees, boards, and community groups.

The Birch Wellness Center is located at 34 Carlton Street, in a turn-of-the-century heritage house located in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg.

Call us today at 204-505-0325 we are here to help.

Speak to someone directly and make your appointment for wellness services.